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Pahang Old Tree MSW- 800g


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Our Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, and our Mao Shan Wang, are made with top grade durians. We’re confident in saying that they are arguably the best in Singapore. If you’re a durian lover, then you would appreciate the deep, rich tastes of these two types. By choosing from only the cream of the crop daily, your Mao Shan Wang and Old Tree Mao Shan Wang are the best durians we have. 


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Fresh Durians

Premium D101 – 800g


Fresh Durians

Pahang Old Tree MSW- 800g


Fresh Durians

SEASON LIMITED King Red Prawn – 800g


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Durian Royalty

Possessing the most complex, sophisticated durian taste, our very own Royal MSW is plucked and cultivated from the oldest, most pedigreed durian trees. At only $29.90 a box, it is a must try for all durian lovers.

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Musang King

Known as the Musang King, or MSW to many, this is the most popular breed of durian. Possessing a sweet, slightly bitter taste, the Musang King captures hearts with its thick, creamy flesh that delights your palate.

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Red Prawn

Known for its intense sweet taste, the Red prawn serves as a good appetizer for a durian meal. Its flesh is creamier than the Royal and Musang King, and it is extremely popular with kinds and those who love sweet tastes.

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When it comes to durians, we know that people take it seriously. As durian lovers ourselves, we are constantly sourcing for better durians. As agricultural techniques get more advanced, durians have never tasted better. That’s why we are constantly investing in new techniques to improve and perfect our durians. From the Mao Shan Wang, also known as Musang King, to our less popular varieties like Red Prawn, D24 and D101, we are confident that our durians are probably the best in Singapore. We take pride in the quality of our durians, and we wouldn’t serve you something we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Our other commitment is to keep our service affordable as we believe that durians are something to be enjoyed by everyone. Being an online durian store, we save on overhead costs and pass the savings to you. 

So Many Types! Where do I start from? 

While some people might advocate new durian eaters to start from a lower tier of durians, we don’t believe in that. Our shop serves only the best of each class, and each type will have its own unique taste. 

Creamy and Bitter – XO D24 – XO D24 is a variety of durian that’s both creamy and slight bitter. For bitter durian lovers, the XO D24 is perhaps their favourite. Even though it isn’t widely considered to be of the same class as the Mao Shan Wang, it’s certainly a matter of taste. The seeds of the XO D24 are slightly larger but they compensate for that by having more meat on them. 

Sweet and Easy – Red Prawn – Coming with a more intense sweet taste is the Red Prawn. If you’re a person with a sweet tooth, then perhaps the Red Prawn is something that you’ll like. Again, it’s very much a matter of personal preference as some people do not like sweet durians, and would not eat the Red Prawn. However, those who like sweet things like chocolates and sweets generally take a liking to the Red Prawn. 

Premium Quality – Old Tree Mao Shan Wang – Some people wonder if calling a Mao Shan Wang an Old Tree Mao Shan Wang is just a marketing technique. We know that it’s not, and customers who have tried our Old Tree MSW before know the difference. Our Hand-Picked Old Tree MSW is a specially selected group of durian trees that produce a more exotic type of taste than the traditional MSW. If you take a closer look, you can see that the Old Tree MSW will have a darker tinge to its flesh – an indicator of the taste being so concentrated as to produce a darker colour. The flesh is rich and bitter.

Popular – Mao Shan Wang – Perhaps no other durian is more well known than the Mao Shan Wang, also known as the Musang King in English. The Musang King separates itself from the common breed of durian by having an extremely thick, rich and creamy taste. It’s so rich that it feels like you’re eating very high quality ice cream. While the comparison isn’t that appropriate in terms of taste, the Mao Shan Wang is possibly the best breed of durian you would be able to get. However, one thing to note is that it is sweeter and not as bitter as our Old Tree Breeds.

Durian Online? How does that work?

Eating durians is an important event to many. Consuming low quality durians will totally ruin the experience of any durian meal. Given that durian sellers can sometimes be dishonest and provide low quality durians, buying durians online seems like an even bigger step. However, we think that we are able to provide better service and quality of durians by operating online, as we are able to better predict and manage our durians to make sure that you only get the freshest ones. Many durian sellers would pack durians at the end of the day to be sold in boxes, and there is a common misconception that our durians have to be at least a day old. That is not the case as we only pack our durians on the day they arrive, and that’s why we also have our frozen durians option.