Durian Party In Singapore

Are you looking to have a durian party in Singapore? We’ve got you covered! We source durians direct from their sources, and we even have our own plantations, so we believe that we can definitely be your durian party supplier.

From company events to birthdays, parties and other corporate events, we are able to provide for all manner of durian parties, depending on your requirements. We specialise in providing a full-service durian party to you, providing a full setup of your place. Manpower is also provided to support your event depending on what your requirements are. If you are looking to get a quote or a reservation, simply drop us a quick e-mail at admin@duriandelivery.com.sg and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

If you have any other requirements, we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Contact Email: admin@Duriandelivery.com.sg

Contact Number: 8030 6606

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