100% Free Durian Replacement Guarantee

If the durian you got were below your expectations, please let us know by filling the form below within 24  hours of receiving them and we’ll get you a delicious, high-quality replacement for FREE!

Do include these pointers: 

1. Type of durians affected
2. Quantity affected
3. If the durians were consumed
4. Pictures of the durians (Mandatory)

Please give us 12 – 48 hours (peak periods) to get back to you!

Free-Replacement Form

    Seamless, Free Replacement

    We pride ourselves in high quality durians every box we serve. However, if you encounter a sub-par box, we are more than happy to replace it for you. This way, you will always end up with a great box!

    Hassle-Free Replacement Procedure

    Fill in the durian replacement form at the top of this page

    Include these details in your message:

    1. Problem with order

    2. How many packets were affected



    Sit back and receive your new box

    Please give us 12 – 48 hours to update on replacements. We strive to provide the fastest service but do give us some time to respond.