Black Gold Durian

The Black Gold durian variety is so-called because of its distinct flesh color that is bright yellow with black seams, making it appear greenish. It has a strong and complex bitter taste that is preferred by old-time durian lovers who can take its strong taste.  The Black Gold durian also has a strong pungent smell that can be overpowering for new durian lovers, but great for those who are up for the real challenge of eating bitter durians.

The Black Gold durian is actually of the same quality as our Old Tree MSW, but some durian sellers have given it that name from the more traditional Old Tree. Read more about the truth behind black gold below.

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The Truth About Black Gold Durians

Many durian lovers would be surprised to find out that the Black Gold Durian is actually the same species as the Musang King (Mao Shan Wang). It might come as a surprise to some that the origins of Black Gold Durians being named as such was started infamously in Geylang, where many dishonest durian sellers used such a distinction to hike the prices of their durians. In reality, there is no such thing as black gold durians as they are started by durian mongers looking to charge a higher price for their durians. 

How do sellers “get” black gold durians?

Despite knowing that there isn’t a type of durian known as “black gold durian”, we’re not saying that all durian sellers promoting their black gold are dishonest! Many durian sellers pick apart durians containing the more bitter flesh and sell them as black gold, so in reality, when you purchase “Black Gold” durians from them, you could indeed be purchasing durians that are more bitter. However, it does not change the fact that black gold durians are no different from your Mao Shan Wang durians!

Black-bruised durians – Do they taste different? 

When durian sellers refer to black gold, we are actually referring to durians which have a darker tinge to them. This is typically found in the fruits that come from older durian trees. In fact, almost every durian type will have variations of black gold, and you will be able to find them even in XO D24 or other types. These black bruised areas are a sign that the durians come from very old, mature trees and they are typically more bitter and complex. 

When is the best time to enjoy black gold durians?

The best time to enjoy black gold durians would be in July – September. This is when the durian season is at its peak, and black gold durians are in abundance! However, younger tree Mao Shan Wangs are not capable of producing the “black gold” so only certain sellers with access to plantations with older trees would be able to provide them 🙂