From Our Plantation to Your Doorstep

The typical durians you eat from stores are usually a day old.

That’s because they store their durians, and the older durians are pushed out ahead of the new ones to make way for new stock.

As durian lovers ourselves, we know that every minute after a durian is plucked affects the quality of the durian. Our durians reach your doorstep within 6-12 Hours after they’re plucked, making our durians arguably the best in Singapore

Dedicated Fleet From Malaysia

Our trucks coming from Malaysia are a dedicated durian delivery fleet. These drivers are trained to pick up durians, and speed all the way down from our plantation to our packing area in Singapore with no other stops. While our drivers are driving at maximum speed, safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Air-Conditioned to Ensure Freshness

Most durian companies try to cut costs by using motorcycles to deliver durians. There are huge issues with such practices, one of them being that your durians are exposed to the hot afternoon air, causing them to oxidate and ripen extremely quickly. That is why they come watery and in bad condition. The back of motorbikes are also prone to extreme gyrations and vibrations, and your durians might be damaged.

At, we have a very strict policy of using only air-conditioned vehicles to deliver. Only in extreme circumstances will we allow durians to be transported in motorcycles in cool, iced boxes made specially for transportation.

0 Storage Time, 0 Wastage

By operating on a lean, fast delivery schedule, we are able to deliver on the next day with 0 wastage and 0 storage time. Unlike traditional durian stores which push OLD durians first, such practices are absolutely unaccepted at Only the freshest produce are shipped to you, with any wastage frozen at the end of the day and sold to cake and dessert stores.

How to Order?

Ordering is easy as pie on our website. Simply select a delivery slot, and we’ll deliver within that time range. Once we are filled up on those particular slots, our system automatically updates the schedule and it will be blocked out. Please note that our cut-off time for all next day orders is 6pm.

Surcharge for Certain Areas

Please note that while standard delivery is available for almost the whole of Singapore, there are certain surcharges for areas.

Sentosa – $10

Army Camps – $10