Durian Season in Singapore (Updated November, 2018)

Durian Season in Singapore

Durian Season


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Real Time Durian Season Alerts by DurianDelivery Team: November Durian Season has already begun, with mainly Mao Shan Wang types flowering. Red Prawn, XO D24, Jing Feng and other types should be available in mid December. 

Every year, durian lovers wait for durian season. During this period, they can get the sweetest and freshest durians straight from the plantations which they can enjoy eating at the market or take home.

Commonly known in Southeast Asia as the “king of fruits”, durian is known for its spiky exterior and its pungent smell. While some detest the smell, even having durians banned to be transported in public vehicles, a whole lot simply adore the creamy rich texture and taste of the fruit. Durian lovers will swear that you have to get used to the smell and try eating durian for at least three times before you can truly appreciate it. With hundreds of durian stalls and restaurants that sell durian delicacies, we can say that Singaporeans love their durians.

Although you can find durians almost any time of the year, it is only during the peak season that you will get the best-tasting ones. Customers expect that during this season, prices will be lower because of the abundance in the supply of durians. Read on to find out everything you need to know about durian season and the factors that affect the price changes.

When is Durian Season?

Typically, durian season occurs between the months of June and September, although there is a “minor season” during the months of December to February. During durian season, you will notice how the number of durians in fruit stalls all over Singapore double or triple. There are even temporary durian stalls that pop-up everywhere to sell durians to locals and tourists alike. During durian season Singapore, you can expect not only fresh durians to be found everywhere but also cooked or baked durian delicacies as well.

Singaporeans wait for durian season because the prices will significantly drop because of the increase in supply. In addition, this season also yields the best-tasting bittersweet durians that you can ever find. According to durian lovers, even though you can buy durians from sellers all year round, it is only during these months where they truly taste the best.

What Can Affect the Prices of Durians?

Once the dry season starts, mature durian trees will start to develop flower buds. The durian tree needs approximately three months for it to develop the fruit and fully ripen. They need just the right amount of water to fully develop great-tasting fruits. When the weather has been good, durian plantations can produce a steady number of durians that are delivered everywhere.

However, there are times when the prices of durian can increase or decrease based on various factors. For one, having bad weather—whether too much rain or too little of it—can cause durian trees to produce a smaller amount of fruits. When the supply of durians is small, the prices will increase.

Another factor that can affect the increase in durian prices is when there is an increase in demand. For example, plantations in Malaysia supply durians not just in Southeast Asian countries but in China as well. When more countries vie for the supply of durians and there is a limited supply, the prices will also be higher.

Problems with Durian Season 2017

Durian lovers in Singapore were shocked by the high prices of durians during the mid-year peak season. For Durian season 2017, the durian plantations in Malaysia experienced bad weather leading to lower yields of the fruit.

In addition to this, countries like China and Hong Kong have also increased their interest in importing durians, leading to a smaller supply in Singapore. According to durian sellers, China is willing to pay a higher price for importing durians which is why they were able to take the first pick.

The Mao Shan Wang durian variety, which is the most expensive, had prices that started at $38 per kilogram which is a fifty percent increase from the usual price. In the past years, the durian season in Singapore lasted for months where locals can expect an abundant supply. However, during the durian season 2017, the amount of supply from the plantations became thinner. With the increase in demand from other countries, the availability of durian supply decreased.

However, for the end-year durian season 2017, customers were able to get lower priced durians than in the middle of this year. The prices from June and July have decreased to as much as 30 percent so durian lovers were able to enjoy their share of durians. The $38 per kilo Mao Shan Wang had decreased its price to an average of$20 by the end of the year.

When is Durian Season 2018?

For durian season 2018, durian lovers can expect that the supply from the last months of 2017 can trickle over to the first months of 2018. Accordingly, even though the prices of durians increased during the June to September peak season in 2017, durian sellers are hopeful that the lower prices of durian last November will stay put until early 2018.

If the weather permits, customers can expect to have durian season 2018 on June to September. A year-end durian peak season can also be expected from November to December 2018. However, since the production of durian is wholly dependent on the weather, it can be early or delayed. If 2018 starts with a good weather, durian lovers will be able to have durians during the regular durian season in Singapore.

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