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Update: Red Prawn, Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, Jin Feng & Mao Shan Wang are all available! Please do check our shop for the full price:

Durian Price List (Average Market Prices)

Hi! You probably want some creamy, delicious durian but are not sure how much to pay for it. And you don’t know where to buy durian from to ensure you have a delicious meal.

Well this is the perfect guide.

The table below shows the current (average) price per kg of all durian sellers in Singapore.

Note: The prices of durian fluctuate frequently so slight errors are possible -please use this price list at your own risk!

Durian Prices

Type of Durian

Price per KG ($)

Old Tree Mao Shan Wang


Mao Shan Wang


Red Prawn / D13




Jin Feng (Golden Phoenix)



Butter King Durian

Not available now

Premium D101



Not available now


Please keep in mind that the price varies from seller to seller. Also please remember there is a wide variety of durian quality and you don’t always get what you pay for!

How prices change through the season

The prices of durian are dependent on supply! The higher the supply, the lower the prices. Take a look at the graph below to decide when you should be buying durian!

This graph is a great indicator of how durian prices change over time, but price isn’t all that matters, because price alone can’t tell you the quality of the durian.

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest durian sellers which try to earn more money by selling low grade durian.

To purchase durian that you will truly love, you need to learn how to get the best deal for your price. So how do you do it?

Look at the durian seller’s terms

Are the sellers trying to protect themselves, or are they trying to ensure their customers get good durians? You need the best terms to ensure you get a bang for your buck.

Durian Delivery Singapore is the ONLY seller that guarantees free replacements of bad durians.

Why? Well most sellers have an unreliable supply of good durian, and can’t risk free replacements because it would cost them too much.

But luckily, Durian Delivery Singapore has exclusive access to some of the best plantations in Pahang which ensure that most of the durian sold is of the highest quality. Which is why they can provide free replacements – because they don’t have to do it much!

Nature sometimes produces bad durian, it’s normal. So get yourself a seller which protects YOU against that. Not one that doesn’t dare take the risk.

Look for established brands

Brands that you see being talked about everywhere are always a good bet. This means they have a sizeable customer base and can be trusted.

Look for quick delivery

No one likes to wait for ages before the durian arrives. You want to eat durian just as you feel the craving. Well, the fastest durian delivery in Singapore is 1 hour!

A few stalls claim to be able to meet this speed, but even fewer can actually fulfill it. Durian Delivery Singapore is one of them, if you take a look at all the reviews!

Look for Positive Reviews

If many people love something, you are likely to love it too. Durian Delivery Singapore has the best Google Reviews in all of Singapore and probably has one of the biggest word of mouth network (if not the biggest) – which is obvious if you take a look at all of the customers that tag Durian Delivery Singapore in their Instagram stories & posts. You don’t really see such positive customer engagement anywhere else!

Look for durian sellers with exclusive suppliers

Most durian stalls have to compete for durian, and many end up with low quality ones. Sometimes stores in Singapore get cheated, other times they try to pass off B grade durian as A grade durian (yes – durian has an official grading system in the supplier market!)

This is why exclusive supply is so important. It guarantees superior quality & most important of all – consistency.

Durian Delivery has exclusive access (only in Singapore) to one of the most renowned plantations in Tiger Hill, Pahang.

The MSW, Old Tree, Black Gold & all the other types of durians are creamier, tasties & more deliciously addictive.

Why is that? Cause this private plantation has been cross-breeding durians to achieve the perfect level of meatiness & flavourful consistency which will melt in your mouth.

You can look for the best durian in SIngapore for hours but you would only end up back here again. So save yourself some time and go for the safe choice, the delicious choice. Try out the only seller in Singapore that guarantees FREE Replacements on arguably the highest quality durian available! 

Choose Right. Choose Delicious. Choose Durian Delivery Singapore

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