Our Story

Solving a Need

Over the years, the durian industry has evolved greatly, and Singaporeans are now enjoying and appreciating a greater quality of durians than ever before. The team behind Durian Delivery Singapore noticed that there was a demand for quality durians to be delivered straight to customers.

Some of the problems faced by durian lovers were:

Overcharging by dishonest vendors
Poor quality durians served at market stalls
– Problems transporting durians due to smell
Inconvenience of traveling to purchase durians

Whether it’s for a durian party or just an enjoyable durian meal as a family, the demand for durian delivery wasn’t met really well by the traditional vendors who had no experience with delivering durians.

The Problem

Traditional durian vendors have no experience with delivering durians, nor the resources and expertise to deal with it. Durians from stores, already a day old after being displayed, were being sent out via motorcycles. This was a problem as customers were receiving durians that aren’t satisfactory in quality.

Durian stores that were famous for great durians ended up disappointing their customers who needed them to deliver.

We realized that the truth is that your typical durian vendor just isn’t a good place to buy delivered durians from.

Freshly Picked, Delivered Straight from the Farm

By utilizing a strongly e-commerce model, Durian Delivery Singapore is able to collate orders the day before, notify our durian plantation, and send out our durians the very next day.

This was a natural transition from the traditional durian store as we could ensure that your durians are as fresh as possible, while focusing on providing the absolute best delivery service. The result is that your durians arrive fresh and in perfect condition.

Our Location

Lorong 14 Geylang, Singapore 39895*. Please note that this location is for pick-up, cash and carry allowed. Dine-in is by reservation only.