6 Prestigious Awards and Counting

You don’t even have to put on your flip flops to get the grade AAA flesh in your hands as they can deliver it to your doorstep in just two hours.
Durian Delivery’s Mao Shan Wang really nails it on the head with a bittersweet, creamy variety that’ll have you wanting to keep that box all to yourself.
We found that the taste did not pale in comparison to the husked durians we got from the other stalls. In fact, we felt that the durians here taste even better!
Durians are delivered to you right-out-of-the-husk fresh not more than 10 hours after they’ve dropped at their private plantation in Pahang. It is safe to say durians here are Singapore’s favorite durians!
They’re prepared with 100% genuine durian, which ensures that every bite is bursting with flavor.