Why are durian prices rising? Durian season ending?!

Higher Prices These Few Days – Why?

Durian prices have risen across the board these few days, and many durian lovers are wondering if the season is going to end. If you’re observant, you might have noticed lesser durians at your favourite durian stalls recently, with some stalls in running out of Mao Shan Wang.

Many durian sellers have claimed that the “durian season is ending”, but the truth is that’s only half true! The Johor season, well known for their Top 10 durian types (Red Prawn, D13, Jin Feng, Black Pearl, etc.), is truly coming to and end, but the Pahang durian season, known for their fantastic Mao Shan Wang, is only just starting to pick up! So if you’re a Mao Shan Wang lover, the season for some of the best tasting Mao Shan Wang is just starting!

Key pointers that you might be interested in as a durian lover:

  • Higher prices as Johor supplies dwindle
  • Johor season ending in a few days
  • Famous Pahang MSW starts to increase in supplies
  • D24, XO from Pahang starts to drop
  • Top 10 durian types a.k.a “名种“ like Red Prawn, Jin Feng, become extremely limited
  • Price will drop in 1-2 weeks’ time!

Durian Season is NOT ENDING – Lower Prices for Yummy MSW in August

As for how long the durian season will last, we expect Mao Shan Wang (some of the best coming in August) to last till September! For durian lovers who are Mao Shan Wang fans, you’re in for a treat of low prices and high quality MSW this season, so there’s a reason to be excited for all durian lovers!

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