Durian Empire

Durian Empire


  • Location: 168 Punggol Field, Punggol Plaza, B1 Atrium, Singapore
  • Phone: +65 9767 1519
  • Email Address: info@durianempire.sg
  • Website: https://durianempire.sg/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/durianempiresg/about/?ref=page_internal
  • Business Hours:
    • Sunday to Thursday – 5:30 to 10:30 PM
    • Friday and Saturday 5:30 to 11:00 PM


Driven with their passion to allow people in Singapore to order Durians right from the comfort of their own home and to minimize the amount of time, effort, and money exerted and invested in going to faraway places just to enjoy great tasting durians, the owners decided to put up their very own Durian stall in Singapore.

To fill in the need for honest and trustworthy durian sellers, they established the Durian Empire in Punggol Plaza with the aim of providing premium durian with excellent services.


  • No-frills Durian Stall

Durian Empire is a pretty straightforward durian business. They claim that they sell high quality and tasty durian products and you certainly get what they are claiming. It is not unlike other stalls in the market that offers fancy durian goodies or has well-decorated space.

Durian Empire aims to offer the tastiest and best durian fruits at the most affordable prices, and that is what they are doing—no fuss, no muss.

  • Clean and Inviting Place

While the space of Durian Empire is not as fancy looking as other durian cafes in Singapore, their area is warm, inviting and spacious. They are located outdoors, but a large tent covers their space. Aside from the racks of durian items, the store also offers plenty of tables and chairs do their clients can enjoy their durian goodness in the most comfortable way possible.

Space is well lit and has electric fans to ensure that their clients will not feel too hot as they enjoy their durian purchases.

  • Affordable Prices

Yes, all durian stalls in Singapore claim that they offer the best prices but what makes Durian Empire different is that all the prices quoted on their website are pure durian seeds only. The durian husks are not included in the weighing of the product.

  • Great Packaging

All deliveries are placed in a vacuum sealed container to prevent odor and at the same time, maintain the maximum freshness of the fruit.


Delivery Information

  • Free Delivery is available for purchases of more than $80
  • You can place your orders by visiting their site and emailing or calling them.
  • Delivery spots are open at 12 AM daily.


Price Information

  • Signature Musang King Durians
    • 1 box (S$49.90)
    • 2 boxes (S$ 89.90)
    • 3 boxes (S$ 119.90) Free Delivery Available
  • D24 Sultan XO Durians
    • 1 box (S$ 29.90)
    • 2 boxes (S$ 56.90)
    • 3 boxes (S$ 80.90) Free Delivery Available
  • D13 (S$ 14/kg)
  • MSW (S$ 16/kg)
  • Awesome MSW (S$ 22/kg)
  • Tek Ka (S$16/kg)
  • Signature D24 (S$11/kg)
  • Highland King D24 (S$13/kg)

Please take note that prices may vary depending on the prevailing market rates. You can monitor the prices on their Facebook page as they update their prices daily.


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