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Location Serangoon North Avenue 2 Blk 151, #01-11 Singapore Phone +65 8797 6699 E-mail Address Website Facebook Instagram Business Hours 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily       The Durian Story is a durian store that stays at the top of the competitive industry by delivering freshest, plumpest, and creamiest durian that tourists and locals can get their hands on.   The business’ mission is to promote and share the love of durians with their clients by providing the best products. They also have the vision to provide the highest quality durians at the best value. The company values reliability, quality, and honesty above all.   Highlights
  •    Different Cultivars Available
The Durian Story offers the best cultivars of durians such as premium Wang Zhong Wang, Blackgold, Mao Shan Wang, Green Bamboo, D101, D13, D24, Xo, Golden Phoenix, Red Prawn, and Black Pearl.  
  •    Only the Freshest Durians
According to the company, they import fresh durians from harvesting farms that are known to produce the best durian cultivars. Their stocks are delivered to their store within 12 hours after harvest to ensure its freshness.  
  •    Catering Services Offered
Aside from delivering durian straight to your doorstep, the company also offers catering services. The company can hold a durian party in your private or corporate gatherings. The durians will be delivered vacuum packed to your venue.   The minimum order for catering services is $300 per trip (only one location). For orders above $300, free delivery is offered. For inquiries on their catering services, just send them an email.  
  •    Your Personal Preference, Their Priority
Most sellers would claim that Mao Shan Wang is the best cultivar available. But in The Durian Story, they believe that the best durian cultivar is the one that suits your preference. That is why their staff is dedicated to helping you find the one for you.   The sellers are proficient with the differences in the tastes and textures of the different durian cultivars, and they will gladly explain it to you to help you find which durian cultivar is the most suitable for you.  
  •    Convenient and Comfortable Space
The store offers different dining options—indoor and outdoor. The stall gives off a hip café vibe with its modern light fixtures, white brick walls, paned glasses, long wooden tables, and air conditioning.   They have also set up a few tables outside of their establishments to accommodate the dining needs of their growing clientele. Small trash cans are provided in every table for a more enjoyable dining experience.   Delivery Information –    Delivery fee is $16 for orders below $100. –    Delivery fee is $10 for orders between $100 and $150. –    Delivery fee is $60 for orders above $150. –    For delivery purchases above $150 and within 1 km of their shop, delivery is free of charge.   Price Information –    BlackGold ($22/kg) –    Old Tree King of King ($19/kg) –    Premium Mao Shan Wang ($18/kg) –    Golden Phoenix ($17/kg) Please take note that the prices may vary depending on the availability of the stocks.

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