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Location 22 Scotts Road Singapore Phone +65 6737 7411 Email Website Facebook Instagram Business Hours 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily   Goodwood Park Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Singapore. Aside from their excellent service, a wide array of facilities, and homey ambiance, Goodwood is also known for its much-anticipated 3-week long Durian Fiesta that takes place during the durian season every year.   Highlights
  •    More Special Creations Year After Year
Every year, Goodwood Park Durian adds new creations to their usual product line up. This year, they have added four new products on the list.   First, there is the D24 White Chocolate Raspberry Dome which features a rich D24 durian pulp in between layers of crunchy biscuit tarts covered with white chocolate and topped off with dried raspberries to add a zesty tinge.   Second is the D24 Coffee Glaze. Each slice exhibits layers of soft and fluffy coffee sponge with a fruity D24 pulp and finished off with a creamy coffee glaze.   Third, they have the D24 orange Choc-a-Bloc. This cake has layers of chocolate shortcut, raisins, and walnuts as its base which is layered with a D24 pulp and paired with a sweet and tangy orange mousse. The entire masterpiece is topped off with toasted almond, white chocolate, and candied orange peel.   Last is the D24 Katafi, a luxurious snack that resembles a cream puff. It is crispy outside and delicious, luscious and creamy inside.  
  •    Classic Favorites Available
Aside from the new special creations, visitors and customers can still avail of the classic favorites such as D24 Mousse Cake and D24 Puff.  
  •    Limited Offer
Please do keep in mind that the Durian Fiesta in the Goodwood Park Hotel is available only on a limited time offer. In addition to that, not all of their durian creations are available at all times during the fiesta.   Some of their special creations, like Mao Shan Wang Power Puff, are available only at a certain period and time during the Durian Fiesta.  
  •    Dessert Buffet Available
If you are an avid durian lover and you wish to have a taste of all the hotel’s fantastic durian dessert creations without breaking the bank, the best option that you have is to avail of their Durian Dessert Buffet promo.   Price Information –    D24 White Chocolate Raspberry Dome ($13 to $36) –    D24 Orange Choc-a-Bloc ($16) –    D24 Coffee Glaze ($14 to $78) –    D24 Katafi ($12.80 to $29.80) –    Mao Shan Wang Power Puff ($19.80) –    Mao Shan Wang Mousse Cake ($69) –    D24 Mousse Cake ($13 to $190) –    D24 Puff ($9 to $42) –    D24 Crepes ($13 to $78) –    D24 Ice Cream Tub ($19) –    Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream Tub ($28) –    The Durian Fiesta Mascot – Spiky the Bear ($22) –    Durian Ceramic Jar ($20) –    Durian Strudel ($16 to $76)   Delivery Information –    Delivery information is not provided. However, online reservation is accepted. Reservations can be made by calling +65 6730 1746 or sending an e-mail to

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