Top 5 Durian Farms in Johor


Top 5 Durian Farms in Johur

Durian refers to the fruit that is found in several tree species that belongs to the genus ‘Durio.’ The currently recognised species of the genus Durio happen numbers about are about 30 in number, with a minimum of 9 being edible fruit. There are over a hundred named varieties of this species in Indonesia, with another hundred named varieties in Malaysia, while Thailand has about 300 varieties.

A good number of people of South East Asia regards Durian as the ‘King of Fruits’.  The fruit is unique due to the large size it has (it can grow to become as large as 30 centimetres long and about 15 centimetres in diameter), the shape range from round to oblong. The colour of the flesh moves from pale yellow to red, depending on the species it belongs to, while its husk could either be  green or brown. The average of the fruit also lie between one kilogram and three kilograms. The Durian fruit also have a thorn covered rind with a strong odor.

These fruits are planted and harvested just like other fruits  in farms. And one major city for growing Durians is Johor. The top 5 major farms that deal in Durian are:

Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm is established on over 100 acres of land and it offers it’s guests an excellent time as they learn about the tropical fruits of the country. The fruit farm is filled with more than 10 species of plants, more than 100 varieties of tropical fruits, such as Durian, koi fish pond, a petting zoo and loads of other attractions that provides guests on the farm an excellent and interesting experience. The agricultural activities of the farm are usually carried out carefully and in good manners which makes sure that the fruits are of high quality.

Desaru Fruit Farm has gained quite a number of awards in different sectors such as the “Best Agro- Tourism site” of Malaysia in 2006. In 2010, the Malaysia Tourism Awards for  “Innovative Tourism Attraction – Agro Tourism Conservation” was awarded to the Farm.

Sim Koa Yen

Sim Koa Yen is a Durian farm that all durian lovers should visit. The farm is an established brand that has attracted guests from both the local area and beyond it. Even tourists want to have a taste of what the Durian of Sum Koa Yen tastes like. In 2008, the Malaysian Champion Durian award was given to Sim Koa Yen, an award which was featured in the press. The durian farm is not known to lack anything especially if it is related to durian, such that the Durian orchard of the farm has nothing less than about 3p different species of the durian fruit.

Some of the flavours this farm has include Red Prawn, D24, Map Shan Want and Ang Bak.

Zhong Cheng Durian Farm

Zhong Cheng Durian Farm is located on a 10 acre and the farmland has about 200 trees planted on it. The varieties the Durian farm have are mainly Batu, D13, Golden Phoenix, D101, Black Thorn, Mao Shan Wang and Green Dragon. The season of Durian at the Zhong Cheng Durian Farm starts from May and ends in August, every year, with it peaking in July. The tradition in Malaysia for Durians is to give the already ripe Durians time to fall naturally, hence catching them with fish nets that are already stretched through the farm at the feet of the trees.

Heng Heng 88 Durian

The quality of the durian at Heng Heng 88 Durian is good and reliable with a competitive price. The owner of this Durian Farm is Ah Boon, who is from Tangkak. The owner ensures that he collects the Durians each morning from his own home and drive out to Gelang Patah to sell.   The farm also sells 101, Golden Phoenix, Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang and Tekka. The service offered at the farm is good, with the owner taking his own time to discuss with the visitors, on occasions, about Durian and the proper way to eat it.

Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm

Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm is a farm that deals in several varieties of durian fruit, more than twenty even and the best durian fruit (the King of the King of fruits), according to Uncle Lim’s Durian Farm is the Musang King. The Musang King happens to be a greenish-yellow durian, that has a five-cornered star on its bottom, along with a long stem, cone-shaped pricks that do not have much space between then. Musang King happens to be the best and the recommended variety of durian.

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