MSW (800g) + King Red Prawn (800g) Bundle

MSW ($21.5/kg) & King Red Prawn ($14/kg)


Special bundle of Mao Shan Wang (800g) + one King Red Prawn (800g) at a super attractive discounted price!

The Mao Shan Wang is the most popular variety, with its extremely creamy and rich taste. Enjoy the bittersweet succulent meat that will tantalize your taste buds.  

Taste the difference of our King Red Prawns that are harvested from the oldest trees, hailed as the best Red Prawn in Singapore and have even won awards for their unique milky aftertaste!

You will receive 2 x 800 g of durian meat (1.6kg total), which requires approximately 6.4 kg of husked durian. A box is perfect for 2-4 pax to share!

Learn More About Singapore's Favourite Durian

Most Awarded Durians in Singapore

Rated as the Best Mao Shan Wang in Singapore!

We have won more Awards than any other Seller in Singapore! Come see what all the hype is about 🔥

About Our Grade-1 Durians

Cheapest Grade-1 Durians in Singapore

    · We are the largest Grade-1 durian seller in the market with our own private Pahang plantation, thus we have the best Grade-1 prices

Why are Grade-1 Durians Better?

    · Deliciously creamy

    · Richer, more intense & complex flavours

    · Smaller seeds so you get more meat per box!

Why cheap low grade durians aren't worth it:

    · Many durian sellers sell cheap to attract uninformed buyers, at prices as low as  $13/kg for MSW!

    · But you get what you pay for : Cheaper Durian = Lower Grade = Less Meat per  box and lousier flavor

    · Cheap durian can't be enjoyed, it's a waste of money!

    · Which is why we recommend only top grade durian :)

The Durian Delivery Difference
  1. We sell Grade-1 durians only! Always fresh 👍🏼
  2. The best tasting, award-winning durians you can find
  3. No need to queue at a store + you get guaranteed meat
  4. Exclusive access to Grade-1 durian wholesale prices - straight from our private plantations in Malaysia
  5. 100% free replacement guarantee: Not satisfied with your box? No problem, we will replace it for free
  6. The largest and most trusted durian delivery provider in Singapore
100% Free Replacement Guarantee

Nature doesn’t make all fruits equal. We choose the best for you but 0.001% of the time, you might get subpar fruit.

In those cases, contact us through Whatsapp at 80306606 and we will send you a fresh box of top quality durian for free!

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