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Location: Block 698 Hougang St 61, Singapore 530698 Phone: +65 9123 0780 Email: durianstudiosg@gmail.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/DurianStudioSg/ Instagram: Business Hours: 2 PM – 11 PM daily Durian studio is a fruit and vegetables outlet that specializes in the importation, exportation and distribution of durians. Their aim is to give their customers the best durians available. Most of the fruits sold at Durian Studio Sg are sourced from Pahang, Malaysia which is famous for the various succulent durian cultivars grown there. High quality durians are a priority at Durian studio with attendants preferring to replace bad durians for customers rather than sell it for a profit. In the event of a bad sale, they are also very quick to replace the spoilt fruits. Customer favourites at Durian studio include red prawn, black gold and MSW. The prices at durian studio are also very competitive with most durian sellers. You can be assured you are getting your money’s worth for every purchase.


  • Promos
Durian studio sg have promos almost every day for their loyal fanbase. The promos vary in style but the most common are delivery promos. You order a certain number of durians for a discounted price and also get free of charge delivery. What is better than getting your favourite luxury snack delivered to your doorstep free of charge while also enjoying a more than reasonable discount. The promos are usually restricted to certain durian cultivars though, especially the MSWs and D24s. There are occasional buy 5+1, 2+1 style promos for walk-in customers too.
  • Cosy Store
Durian Studio is a place you can take your family for a durian night out. The store is serene enough to have a nice time while enjoying a good meal of your favourite durian. The familial feeling at the store is no doubt helped by the genuine friendliness of the staff.
  • Corporate event gurus
Durian Studio sg seem to have a thing for corporate events. You can frequently find them loading truckloads of durian for yet another event. This is no doubt due to their reputation as one of the best sellers of quality durians. Their soft, tasty durians make for a mouth-watering treat at any social event, party or work get-together.
  • Ordering made easy
Durian Studio have made ordering durians very easy. You can contact the management via WhatsApp to book your order. All you need to do is send your name, address and order to get a confirmation. Delivery information
  • Delivery services are only available for a minimum of 5kg of any cultivar
  • Delivery time slot is between 7 pm to 10 pm daily (Delivery time varies based on traffic and delivery volume)
  • Delivery is free of charge throughout the entire island provided you meet the minimum 5kg requirement.
Price Information. Pahang WZW: $18/Kg Black Gold: $18/Kg Pahang MSW: $16/Kg Musang King: $14/Kg D24: $12/Kg Red Prawn: $12/Kg XOD24: 10/Kg The prices and durian cultivars listed above are not fixed, they will vary based on seasonal availability. Please do contact the vendors to get current information on price and durian availability.

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