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Location: 440 Pasir Ris Drive 4, #01-03, Singapore 510440 Phone: +65 9851 7753 Facebook: https://facebook.com/KongLeeHupKeeTrading/ Business Hours: 10am – 7am on weekdays, 10am – 7:30am (Sunday and Saturday) If you are a durian love around Pasir ris, chances are you are already a regular at Kong Lee Hup Kee Trading. This store is one of the most popular ones around despite the lack of a legible sign in front of the stall. Their great reputation is as a result of their excellent service and the quality durians on sale. Quite unusually, the store is run by Mr Chia and his wife who have been in the durian selling business for over 40 years. He started as a “Liu Lian Ah Di” in 1968 opening durians for “Liu Lian Ah Towkays”.  He is still popularly recognised for his Tiger Hill Durians stall which existed on waterloo street in the 1980s Their cheerful, friendly and amiable countenance always makes customers feel welcome. You can often hear customers raving about the quality of the service at Kong Lee Hup Kee Trading. Honesty is another thing they are reputable for; bad durians are always thrown out to avoid selling them to customers. Mr Chia is also very fond of sharing his knowledge of durians with customers, telling you how to identify different variants and pick out a good durian in the market. Mr Chia stocks a very wide variety of produce, so while you might be heading there for the more popular MSW, you may want to check out other less popular cultivars.


  • Affordability
Mr Chia makes sure to keep the prices at Kong Lee Hup Kee customer friendly. Even in the off-peak seasons, the durian prices average just about $8. This is unlike a lot of other stores who hike their prices once the of-peak season comes around.
  • Family Setting
The good-natured character of Mr and Mrs Chia creates a family feel in the store. Seeing Mrs Chia cut open a durian expertly as Mr Chia educates you on the history of the durian will almost make it seem like you are visiting your uncle. Almost everybody knows everybody at the stall and Mr Chia’s excellent memory means that he will most likely remember you and your preferences after just one or two visits.
  • Variety of Durians
Kong Lee Hup Kee have probably the greatest variety of durians for any store in Singapore. If you are a durian aficionado and you are looking to experiment with rare durian cultivars then this is the best place to go. Cultivars like Kasap Merah, Hor Lor, Kah Zah or big red that are rarities can easily be found at Mr Chia’s humble outlet.  It is however advisable to call ahead of time to confirm if they are available or if he can get them for you. Delivery information: None Price Information. Mao Shan Wang: $13/Kg Golden Phoenix: $12/Kg XO: $12/Kg Black Pearl: $12/Kg Hor Lor: 12:00/Kg D13: $8/Kg D88: $8/Kg Kah Zah: $6/Kg Kasaph Merah: $6/Kg

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