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Location: 506 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368206 Phone: +65 9321 0063 Facebook: https://facebook.com/DurianPlantationGo2Nature/ Website: http://durianplantation.oddle.me/ Business Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM Daily Durian plantation is a creation of Mr. Tan See Thong who has been a Durian enthusiast for a very long time.  One visit to the store and it is very easy to know that Mr Tan is a durian fanatic, the way he speaks of the produce will have you loving it before you are even served. Popular durian cultivars among durian plantation customers are red prawn, MSW and TSW. All durians are sourced from Johar Baru and brought in daily to ensure freshness which they believe is key to getting the best out of your durian. Pre-orders are necessary to ensure that you are not disappointed when you get to the store. The more popular cultivars are not usually on the shelf for very long.


  • Promos and Giveaways
Durian plantation often organises live promos and giveaways for its loyal customers. The promos are done on their Facebook page and features easy to complete tasks like talking about your favourite durian cultivar or why you like Durian Plantation. The promo winners are also announced publicly via Facebook and rewarded for their efforts with varying types of prizes. Sometimes the giveaway prize is an all-you-can-eat buffet experience at their store.
  • E-commerce
Yes, making orders at Durian Plantation is now very easy. Regular price updates on available produce are published on Facebook to help customers avoid confusion and enjoy a better service. Further enquiries and orders can then be made via the WhatsApp number which is always available. In fact, the orders are made in a simple format, just send your name, order, address and Hp no. Durian Plantation also puts its produce on the e-commerce platform: Qoo10. Customers can select their durians online based on weight, the fruits are de-husked and packed into boxes for delivery. The prices are similar to those in-store. This helps the customers avoid the hassles of going to the stores themselves, bargaining for the products and reduces the chances of getting bad products. This is an important step in helping a traditional industry find ways to grow.
  • Delivery Payment
Unlike some other durian stores, the management at Durian plantation is more open to change as regards delivery payment. Several payment platforms are allowed for delivery payment like Paylah, Paynow and internet banking. This allows of ease of payment as everything can be done from comfort of your home. Delivery information
  • Produce worth a minimum of $50 must be bought to be eligible for delivery
  • Delivery of produce worth $100 or more is free throughout the island
  • A delivery fee of $10 is applicable for purchases less than $100
Price Information. TSW: $20/Kg MSW: $17/Kg Golden Phoenix (Jing Feng): $17/Kg XXOSUPERD24: $12/Kg D101: $12/Kg D13: $12/Kg Please note that the prices listed here are not representative of the current stock of the store. Contact the store for current information on their prices and available durian cultivars.

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