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Location: 336 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, Singapore 560338 Phone: +65 9675 7500 Email: sales@drdurian.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/DrDurianSg/ Instagram: Website: https://drdurian.com Business Hours: Monday – Sunday (Including Public holidays) 2pm – 11pm Dr Durian is a modern style durian shop founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who love durian in all its variants, shapes and sizes. Although they are new in the durian business, they are fast becoming popular among durian lovers around and rapidly developing a loyal following. This is mainly because they have shown a serious commitment to selling only the freshest durians possible to their customers to make sure they get a taste of their full, mouth-watering flavour If you are visiting Dr Durian’s, the Pahang black gold MSW durian, Chilled MSW durians and Durian ice-creams are some of their trademark products that you should definitely try out. Their durians are never frozen but are only de-husked on order to preserve the natural taste. If you want to get your durians especially during the festive seasons, you have to pre-order for reservations very early. They quickly get sold out during festive seasons due to increased orders.


  • Modern Setup
Dr Durian’s modern styled setup makes it an ideal place for having a nice time with family and friends. The chic neon signs and cascading durian stand gives it a youthful, vibrant outlook which makes it perfect for people for all age groups to dine in. There are plenty comfort designed seats coupled with the soft music that is always being played and occasional light and crisp night breeze which make the ideal place to wind down while enjoying a meal of your favourite durian.
  • Customer service
Every successful food business needs to have proper customer service and that is just what Dr Duran has. The staff are friendly and accommodating to customers, helping you pick out the right durian for your craving. They also often give discounts to customers and are quick to replace bad products on discovery by the customers.
  • Delivery methods
Dr Durian has shown innovation by changing the way they do deliveries to their customers. They have added durian delivery in an air tight tub to the regular dine-in or self-collect options. Packaging the durians in airtight tubs help contain the smell and make them car and public transport-friendly. The airtight tubs also allow for tourists and visitors to bring back durians home as souvenirs for their loved ones. You can however also request your durians with the husk unopened and have them delivered to your doorstep.
  • Ease of access
In keeping with their modern style, Dr Durian allows customers to place orders via WhatsApp. You can also track your order via WhatsApp to get up-to-date information
  • Return policy
Dr Durian prides itself in its one for one return policy, no question asked. So, if you get a bad durian there, there is no need to worry, just call their number and explain, you should get a replacement in a few hours. Delivery information
  • Delivery is free for all orders above 10kg
  • For orders below 10kg, delivery cost is $15 per location
  • Delivery is same day unless otherwise requested.
Price Information. Pahang Black Gold MSW: $25/Kg Bitter King: $20/Kg Durian Ice cream: $7/scoop Chilled MSW: $25/Kg This list does not comprehensively cover all the products offered at the store. The prices and cultivars of durians available vary from season to season. Please ensure to contact the store managers to get the up-to-date prices.

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