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Location: 241 Holland Avenue, #01 -02 Holland Village, Singapore 278976 Phone: +65 8816 9617 E-mail: Facebook: Business Hours: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm Bentong Durian shop in Holland Village provides some of the best products for durian lovers around. As is evident from the name, most of the products are sourced from Bentong which is famous in Malaysia for its durian. Alongside Pahang Island, Bentong produces some of the best durians around. It is widely regarded as the best place to go hunting for durian cultivars like Tekkah, D24, D88, D144 and Munsang King. Durian can be found all year round in Bentong, so it’s almost always in season. Bentong Durian shop is the all-year round stop for durians. Also known as MSK Fresh Fruits, the shop is small but at the same time very tidy. As Bentong town is also known for ginger, the shop also sells gingered products. Presently, the Bentong Durian shop never closes, not even on holidays. Customers can never be disappointed as there are many durian options available. The owner, Stephen Chow had started growing his own durians after 2009 when he owned up to three coffee shops. His unhappiness with the durian pulp used in making the coffees was what fuelled his desire to start his own durian farm. In the year 2013, he closed those coffee shops to focus solely on his durian farm. There are many diversities of durian products offered at the Bentong Durian shop. Some of them being durian ice cream and a variety of fruits.


  • Bentong’s Durian goodies
Mr Stephen Chow loves durian ice creams and he prides himself in his shop serving a wide range of ice creams. At the Bentong Durian shop, there is a large variety of ice creams made from different durian cultivars. Some of the ice creams available are Munsang King ice cream, D24 ice cream, D101 ice cream, Ocee ice cream. Asides the very delightful ice creams, the Bentong durian shop also serves fruits like Cempedak, passion fruit, and mango.
  • Coordinated Staff with Good Customer Service
The Bentong Durian shop staff are coordinated, super nice and reliable. With more than five hands on deck, work in the Bentong durian shop is carried out as effectively as possible. Most customers are impressed by the level of professionalism of the staff Customers are also often impressed by the service, some claiming that the Bentong Durian shop offers the nicest customer service. The amiable and well-mannered faces of the staff and the service is known to be impeccable. A visit to the store when queues are long and speeding up is required will have you see the staff working at their best, unflustered by the pressure. Delivery Information: None Pricing Information Pahang MSW: $19/Kg Johor MSW: $18/Kg Taiyun: $15/Kg Tekka: $12/Kg XOD24: $11/Kg D13: $8/Kg Please note that the prices and durian cultivars listed above are not fixed. The prices and available will vary depending on the current durian season. Do contact the vendor for more accurate information.

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