Best Durian Stall in Singapore

Best Durian Stall in Singapore

Every year, the king of fruits makes its way to the markets of Singapore. This much-awaited season is something that a lot of Singaporeans—and even visitors—look forward to. The streets are bustling with durian stalls and vendors, each claiming to have the freshest and sweetest durians you will ever find.

For durian lovers who have been regularly buying this fruit, it is not uncommon that they have found their trusted durian seller. They frequently visit this durian stalls so they can take something home and share with their families or even enjoy eating them right there and then. Still, if you are new to buying durians or would want to find a top durian seller in Singapore, this list will help you.

We have listed the best durian stall in Singapore that you can visit any day even if durian season is not yet around. And if you want to have your durians delivered to you, we have also made this option available at the bottom of this list so you can have the best durian in Singapore whenever you want!

Ah Seng Durian

For those living in the western part of Singapore, Ah Seng Durian is widely known among locals. Owned and managed by Ah Seng himself, he makes sure that the quality of the durians he sells are great by visiting his plantations regularly. Ah Seng checks the freshness and taste of the durians so he can guarantee that his customers will only get the best. He has a reputation for being an honest seller and is often present in his stall to personally serve his customers. Because of Ah Seng’s friendly personality, locals see him as having the best durian stall in Singapore.

Location: Block 20 Gim Moh Market

Combat Durian

Being around for more than 50 years, Combat Durian is now a household name for Central Singaporeans. Mr. Ang, who owns the stall is already in his seventies but is still serving durians to his customers himself. Combat Durian patrons love being served by the friendly Mr. Ang since he will assist them in picking the right durian that will suit their tastes. He has coined the term “Sultan Durian” for the D24 variety and sells a special kind of Mao Shan Wang durian that he calls Wang Zhong Wang. Combat Durian has its plantation in Malaysia and specializes selling one of the best Mao Shan Wang durians.

Location: 261 Balestier Road

717 Trading

Whether you want to buy fresh durian to take home or enjoy eating one during your night out with friends, 717 Trading is a famous go-to place. They have the reputation of being honest sellers that provide a friendly service to their customers. This is the reason why they were able to build a string of devoted patrons who regularly buy durians from their stall. With a humble roadside location, customers can enjoy their durians at the tables and chairs located outside. For fans of durian pastries and sweets, 717 Trading has opened an extension shop around the corner from their stall’s location called Durian Empire. They offer tasty durian pastries like tarts, cakes, puffs, and crepes that durian lovers will surely like.

Location: Yio Chu Kang

Leong Tee Durian

Customers of Mr. Leong Tee only have kind words to say about him. His reputation is due to the fact that not only does he personally sell durians to his customers, he also makes sure that they get what they want. He sells a variety of durians and ensures that they are fresh and sweet to make his customers happy. Customers have become loyal to Leong Tee Durian since this kind uncle will gladly open up another durian for you if you are not satisfied with the one you’re having. He takes care of his employees by asking them their preferences and choosing the right one accordingly.

Location: 264 Tanjong Katong Road

Durian Kaki

While most of the durian stalls listed here are owned by uncles who have been in the trade for decades, this new one makes it on the list of best durian stall in Singapore. Giving a modern vibe to your regular durian stalls, Durian Kaki is owned by young durian lovers who want to carry on the tradition of selling fresh and top quality durians. They let their customers enjoy their durians inside their air-conditioned stall as if they are in a café, making it an instant hit for young durian lovers and anyone who wants to enjoy their durians out of the hot and humid weather.

Location: Junction 9, 18 Yishun Ave

These top durian sellers in Singapore will surely satisfy any durian lovers’ cravings. Marked by their honesty, trustworthiness, and high-quality durians, customers have been coming back to have their durians from them. These durian stalls not just sell durians but also let their customers eat them on the spot.

What if you can’t buy durians from stalls?

While these best durian stalls in Singapore can provide fresh and quality durians, there are times when you just can’t head over and buy them because of a busy schedule. Don’t let this stop you for you can have your durians delivered right at your doorstep so you can have your fill of durians whenever you want!

Durian Delivery is your top durian seller in Singapore that offers a wide array of durian varieties like XO D24, D1 Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, Royal MSW, and D101. To ensure high quality and freshness, your durians are delivered to you within six to twelve hours from the time they were picked from the plantations. Durians are delivered in air-conditioned vehicles to prevent them from becoming watery and spoil their bitter and sweet taste.

What’s more, you can have cheap durian in Singapore wherever you are without sacrificing the quality! Being durian lovers as well, Durian Delivery is dedicated to satisfying their customers with whatever preference they have for durians.

With Durian Delivery, you will only get the best service and the best freshly plucked durians every single time!

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