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Address: 249 Balestier Road Singapore 329708 Phone Number: +65 9278 9928 Email: Facebook: Operating Hours: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM With over 50 years in the Singaporean Durian industry, Combat Durian is considered to be one of the iconic, reputable and honest durian stores in Singapore. They are known for their high- grade Mao Shan Wang “aka King of King” which is harvested from their very own durian plantation in Malaysia. The store does not offer the most affordable durian, but their products are of good quality in general. As of 2019, Combat Durian has grown from strength to strength, and currently is one of the biggest durian retailers in Singapore.  


Combat Durian was established in 1965 by Mr. Ang. Initially, it was a hawker store that sells assorted fruits, but in 1996, the owner decided to focus on exclusively selling durian. As of the present, Mr. Ang is around 70 years old and has already transferred the management of the shop to his daughter, Ms. Linda Ang. According to the signage placed in their stall, the store was named Combat because they want their clients to come back (Combat). The stall offers different variety of durians, namely and Golden Phoenix (slight bitter taste and runny texture), Red Prawn (creamier, sweeter taste and stickier texture). However, their most prized product is the Kings of Kings, more commonly known as Mao Shan Wang. This type of durian is famous because of its trademark bittersweet taste and creamy and sticky texture).  

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping at Combat Durian

1. Shop early. Combat Durian is one of the oldest and most popular durian stands in the Balestier Road and often, their stocks are already sold out come early evening so it is best to shop earlier to ensure that you can get ahold of their items. You can also check out their Facebook page before heading down to their stall as they usually post updates regarding the availability of their stocks.   2. The shop offers special packaging for takeaways. For takeaways, the sellers remove the flesh from the husk, place them in Styrofoam packaging which is then covered in plastic. They also offer the standard stink-free packaging to tourists. They place the durian pieces in vacuum plastic bag sealed in a microwaveable plastic container. The box is then placed in a brown paper which they tie using a string. In this way, the customers can bring them to the plane without having to worry about the smell.   3.  The quality of the product may vary. According to some reviewers, the quality of Combat Durian’s items is sometimes not consistent. If you do get a bad batch by chance, tell the owners or sellers so they can be able to replace it.   4.   Prices may vary. Expected in the fruit industry, the prices of Combat Durian’s product may vary depending on the season, competition, and availability.   5.   Mangosteens are also available in the stall. Aside from durians, they also sell mangosteens which they claim are effective in refreshing the taste buds by removing the heaty taste of durian.  

Price Range:

Mao Shan Wang: $23/ kg Koks: $23/kg Red Prawn: $10/ kg Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): $15/kg One thing to take note for Combat Durian is that their prices tend to be pricier than other stalls. However, that is not to say that the value for money isn’t there. It’s not uncommon for honest durian sellers that sell only the best to charge slightly more, as they have to bear the cost of bad durians. Some dishonest durian stalls would charge extremely low prices, but we wouldn’t be able to tell if what they’re selling is truly a good thing.

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