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Can Dogs Eat Durians?


Can dogs eat durians? Dogs are exotic breeds and are choosy eaters whether knowingly or anatomically. Their somewhat elevated, peculiar nature bars them from partaking from every delicacy nature serves. One of these delicacies might and might not be the durian fruit. It is not especially advisable to feed dogs with durians especially dogs with […]

Durian Season in Singapore (Updated February, 2019)


Durian Season in Singapore Durian Season (Updated Feb 2019) Month Availability of Durians January Medium February Medium March High April Medium May Medium June High July High August Very High September Medium October Low November High December Very High Real Time Durian Season Alerts by DurianDelivery Team:  Pahang Mao Shan Wang & XO Season  January […]

Best Durian Stalls in Singapore

Best Durian Stall in Singapore Every year, the king of fruits makes its way to the markets of Singapore. This much-awaited season is something that a lot of Singaporeans—and even visitors—look forward to. The streets are bustling with durian stalls and vendors, each claiming to have the freshest and sweetest durians you will ever find. […]

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