18 Must-Have CNY Goodies for the Chinese New Year 2022

18 Must-Have CNY Goodies for the Chinese New Year 2022 The Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar Year) is one of the world’s biggest celebrations with over 2 billion people participating worldwide. Originating in China, the culture of celebrating the Chinese New Year has spread to most south-eastern Asian countries especially those with a huge Chinese population e.g. Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. The Lunar new year is a very elaborate celebration usually lasting around 40 days. The celebrations are characterized by a lot of festive events and festive foods. Houses are usually stocked with various kinds of snacks for in-house consumption, entertaining visitors and giving as gifts. These are the best 18 snacks that you should enjoy during the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. Our team at Duriandelivery.com.sg is just as excited as you are to celebrate this Chinese New Year! In collaboration with Poon Confectionary at CNYDelivery.com, we’re introducing the 18 Must-Have CNY Goodies for CNY 2019! For this year’s Chinese New Year, it falls on 1th February, 2022 Tuesday so do make sure to get your goodies ready for your family reunions!

Love letters (Kuih Bangkit)

One of the most popular Chinese New Year goodies, these wafers are so named because Lovers used to etch messages into them for their loved ones. The loved ones then proceeded to eat it, first, to destroy the evidence, secondly, to take their lover’s message to heart They are a mainstay in any home celebrating the Chinese New Year. Love letters are a timeless classic snack that appeals to both young and old. These love letters are also known as Kuih Kapit! If you’re looking for some delicious and affordable homemade ones, do check out the homemade love letters – Kuih Kapit.

Chocolate Filling Love-Letters:

These tasty wafers are made from eggs, flour and chocolate fillings. If you are a sweet tooth or will be having kids around, they are a must-have. They can come in either a flat shape or a roll to make it easier for you to enjoy your snack. The chocolate Kuih Kapit from Poon Confectionary can be purchased online, and they also have free tasting available.

Pandan Love-Letter:

Everyone loves the fragrant taste of pandan. When baked into love letters, what you get is a mesmerising experience. Pandan love-letters are sure to be favourite among your family members and guests. The unique Pandan Love Letters from Poon confectionary are baked with geniune butter and are baked to a crisp, fragrant treat. Highly recommended!

Love Letters with peanut butter fillings:

Yet another flavour of love-letters that deserves to be in your home as you celebrate the new year. As is evident from the name, these love-letters with peanut butter fillings that will make everyone happy. The rich, creamy texture coupled with the fragrant crispness of the Kuih Kapit gives this CNY Goodie an absolutely mouthwatering goodie.

Prawn Crackers:

Homemade prawn crackers are just the best, a traditional must have for everyone. Homemade prawn crackers are usually made from real prawn and because of that have a very strong prawn taste to them. If you are allergic to prawn, you may need to stay away though. These delicious little treaties are sure to be one of the best prawn crackers you’ve ever tasted! With the recipe dating back to the 1950s, the Prawn Crackers at Poon Confectionary are a treat not to be missed!

Oatmeal raisin cookie:

if you love cookies and you like eating healthy, oatmeal raisin cookies are a necessity for your new year celebrations. With a combination of nutritious ingredients and the fibre-rich oatmeal, they are needed on every table.

Chocolate oatmeal cookies:

Made for those who are healthy eating aficionados but still want to enjoy some chocolate goodness. The highly nutritious oatmeal is delicately spread across the top of the not too sweet chocolate crust to give it a unique taste of having the best of two worlds. Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies from CNYDelivery.com

Cashew Nut cookies:

Also recommended for its nutritious benefits, these cookies are baked with amazing natural cashew flavour. Cashew nut cookies are so delicious they should be a fixture among your new year goodies. Cashew Nut Cookies

Pineapple Tarts

This popular Chinese New Year cookies are also popular in the entire southeast Asia region and Indonesia. Pineapple tarts are said to be the best cookies by some and they might not be wrong. The crumble and buttery cookie are combined with a spicy pineapple jam to give you a taste that is nearly a fantasy. Homemade with premium butter and taste, it’s probably one of the best pineapple tarts in Singapore!

Cheese Pineapple Tarts:

If you have tasted cheese pineapple tarts before then you already know they are a wondrous delight for your taste buds. If you haven’t, these upcoming new year celebrations are a chance to stock up on one of the best snacks ever. They are made from combining a cheese ball with the already delicious pineapple tart.

Green Pea Cookie:

Baked to give an aftertaste of green pea, these cookies are an absolute no-brainer for the new year celebrations. Crunchy and delightfully fragrant, these cookies will have you going back for more once you taste them. These green pea cookies are a beautiful CNY treat!

Cereal Snack:

What is a celebration without your sugary cereal snacks? You can share these munchies with your family while watching a show or with your friends while chatting. If you will have a complete Chinese New Year experience, you better start stacking up on the munchies.

Almond cookies:

Almond cookies are popular for the Chinese New Year celebrations because of the lovely fragrance of almonds. Made with freshly ground almonds, you should spice up your table with these lovelies. Get your freshly baked Almond Cookies here!

Pork Floss Roll Snack:

These tiny pork floss filled crispy snacks are a staple in most households during celebrations and yours shouldn’t be any different. You should definitely have some pork floss roll for the lunar new year celebrations.

Salted Egg Chips

These are not your regular potato chips. They are coated with salted egg yolk and a little spice. They make for a crunchy delight for everyone, they are very addictive and will have you munching more and more. Salted Egg Chips are in trend now so be sure to stock up on these for your friends and relatives!

Salted Egg Lotus Root:

The highly nutritious Lotus root is combined with salted egg yolk, tapioca dust and a flurry of other ingredients to give a unique tasting snack that is a delight both to the eyes and the mouth. The Salted Egg Lotus Chips will be a favourite with all your guests.

Kueh Lapis:

All the way from Indonesia, this colourful cake has grown to become a Chinese New Year favourite when it comes to snacks in Singapore. Kueh Lapis is made from rice flour, sugar, salt, coconut milk and food colouring. The food colouring frequently used is either the green-coloured pandan and the red rozen food colouring. Homemade and home-baked, our Kueh Lapis can match up to the best brands in Singapore.
Bak Kwa: A traditional Chinese meat meal, bak kwa is a popular snack during the Chinese new year celebrations. This should come as no surprise as it is made using the five-spice powder, soy sauce, fermented tofu and oyster sauce. They make a tasty meal for you and an excellent gift for friends and family.

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