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Sindy Durian Review

Location: 89 Whampoa Drive #01- 835 Singapore

Phone: +65 9710 2427




Business Hours 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Just like most durian stalls in Singapore, Sindy Durian is a family-run business that has been delivering high-quality durian produce in Singapore for over 30 years. Before, their booth has a higher level of stocks of Mao Shan Wang. At that time, most of the stalls are offering flat seeds. Aside from Butter/ Mao Shan Wang, they are also now offering baked goodies infused with different types of durian puree and filling.


•    Durian Baked Goodies Offered

As mentioned above, the stall offers baked durian goodies that are perfect for people who do not want to make a mess but still wish to have a taste of durian. Some of the goodies that they offer include durian puffs, cupcakes, macarons, swiss rolls, and ice cream.

There are also times when the stall offers Durian mooncakes packed in elegant looking boxes. However, their stocks get easily sold out.

The stall also offers hot soothing beverages that perfectly complements the sharp and unique taste of durian. You can choose from a wide selection of hot drinks such as coffee, chocolate, and tea.

•    English Speaking Staff

Many tourists prefer buying in this stall simply because the staff here are fluent in English. They are one of the few durian sellers in Singapore that can converse with you in English. While this a boon for dialect or Mandarin speakers, this is convenient for tourists who want to buy durian hassle-free.

•    Eating Space Available

Sindy Durian provides makeshift tables and chairs to their clients who wish to eat their fresh durian on the spot. There is also a provided washing area at the corner of their stall so their customers can wash their hands and remove the smell of durian after eating.

•    Takeaways Secured

Aside from accommodating their customers at their store, Sindy Durian also offers takeaways. All takeaways are packed in a properly sealed Styrofoam box. If you will bring your durian purchase in the plane, the stall provides vacuum seal packaging.

In fact, Sindy Durian is the first ever stall that offered vacuum packaging that is suitable for overseas travel in 2005.

•    Excellent Customer Service

A lot of their customers claim that the staff delivers impeccable customer service. According to them, the team exerts extra effort to speed up their service when the waiting line is long. In fact, that is one of the main reasons why they keep on coming back to the stall.

Delivery Information:

–    Sindy Durian accepts orders for delivery via text or Whatsapp.

–    For more details about their delivery information, you can message their Facebook page.

Items they sell:

•    Durian Puffs

•    Mini Durian Cupcake

•    Durian Macarons

•    Durian Swiss Roll

•    Ice Cream – Single

•    Ice Cream- Double

•    Ice Cream – Tub

•    Hot Coffee Options

•    Hot Tea Selections

•    Hot Chocolate

•    Steamed Milk

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