12 Best Places to get the most Affordable Sushi in Singapore

12 BEST Places to get the most AFFORDABLE Sushi in Singapore


Sushi restaurants are a dime a dozen in Singapore. They can be categorized into three categories: High-end, Mid-end, and Low-end. This article focuses on the low-end and mid-end categories of sushi. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the quality of the sushi is compromised.

The following are 12 potential physical locations or online stores where you may order your sushi from.

Our first choice when it comes to affordable sushi is Sushi Delivery. They are one of the most affordable Sushi stores in Singapore, for their kind of amazing quality. When it comes to Sushi, we care as much about quality as well as price, and Sushi Delivery delivers restaurant quality sushi at supremely affordable prices. Couple that with their highly affordable delivery, which comes within 45 minutes, and Sushi Delivery becomes the clear choice when it comes to getting affordable sushi.

1. Sushi Delivery

Photo by: Sushi Delivery

Website: https://sushidelivery.sg/

Sushi Delivery offers relatively affordable sushi. Examples of sushi they sell are Tamago Sushi for $3.90, Oshinko Maki for $4.30, Avocado Maki (8pcs) for $10.90, and Salmon Sashimi (5 pieces) for $9.90.

What’s attractive about Sushi Delivery is that they offer delivery until 11pm, and only prepares your order upon order confirmations.

They are the only Sushi store in Singapore to offer a full money-back guarantee should you receive any sashimi or sushi that’s unfresh. They promise a full cold-chain delivery, meaning that your items arrive to you in the condition that they are supposed to – perfectly fresh and ready to eat. The unique thing about them is the kind of quality that you can get – at a highly affordable price.

You can expect fresh sushi delivered to your doorstep until late at night!

If you’re a sushi lover and haven’t tried out their delivery service yet – you’re missing out! Head over to their website today at https://sushidelivery.sg to try out this amazing sushi delivery service.

Cheapest Sushi in Singapore

2. Sushi Express – Cheap Sushi Takeout


Photo by: Sushi Express

Website: http://www.sushiexpress.com.sg/

Sushi Express offers sushi at rock-bottom prices! Starting at $0.50 per piece of take-out sushi, it is definitely a steal for bargain hunters. Additionally, if you were to dine-in in Sushi Express, you can expect prices of $1.50 per sushi plate which contains 2 pieces of sushi.

I love Sushi Express’ cute sushi humanoid mascots. They have several representing different types of sushi such as salmon and tuna.

With over 440 outlets worldwide, Sushi Express has established themselves in the market as being extremely affordable. In Singapore, there are an estimated 24 outlets.

However, if you are someone who is looking for more of a higher quality sushi, then perhaps you might not be too keen to try out Sushi Express. After all, they are an option for people who aren’t too particular about quality but more about price.

3. Nihon Mura Express


Photo by: Nihon Mura Express

Website: https://nihonmura.com.sg/

Kaiten Sushi, better known as conveyor belt sushi to many, works by a rotating conveyor belt carrying sushi plates of various colours. Nihon Mura Express has this concept and is even running an ongoing promotion as of 16 March 2020.

In 60 minutes, you can eat all the sushi you desire with their buffet promotion at $18++ for adults and $19.90 ++ for children, from 12pm to 6pm.

Normally, each sushi plate costs $1.6 per plate in Nihon Mura Express. Take advantage of this opportunity and wolf down over 100 varieties of sushi!

4. Itacho Sushi


Photo by: Itacho Sushi

Website: https://www.itachosushi.com.sg/

Itacho Sushi has been in operation for 11 years in Singapore and has an aggregate of more than 50 outlets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Indonesia.

The prices of the sushi Itacho Sushi sells are inexpensive. For example, their squid sushi sells for $1.80, inari and tamago sushi both at $1.20 each, and salmon sushi at $1.60 per piece.

Ordering in the restaurant is done through a mobile application, streamlining efficiency and reducing paper waste.

5. Sakae Sushi

Photo by: Sakae Sushi

Website: http://www.sakaedelivery.com/

Sakae Sushi has many types of sushi for you to choose from. The Spicy Salmon Gunkan and Chuka Wakame Gunkan (seasoned seaweed sushi) cost $2.60 for 2 pieces. Sakae Sushi’s Maki rolls such as Kappa, Salmon and Tamago also costs $2.60.

If you are craving for sashimi, they sell Salmon Sashimi at $7 for 4 sliced pieces.

You can choose to pick-up, dine-in or have your sushi delivered to you, through Sakae Sushi’s website.

6. Umi Sushi


Photo by: Umi Sushi

Website: https://order.umisushi.com.sg/

Umi Sushi sells Sushi Platters that go for affordable prices. As seen in the image above, the Mini Vegetarian Platter, consists of Corn Gunkan, Tamago Gunkan, Chuka Wakame Gunkan, Tamago Sushi, Inari Sushi, Kappa Maki, Kapapyo, and Shinko Maki.

The platter is a mere $6.70. Umi Sushi’s All Salmon Platter may be the most expensive among the other Mini Platters, but it is still affordable.

You can even order online to have Umi Sushi delivered to your doorstep!

7. Ryo Sushi

If you haven’t tried ‘Omakase’ before, which means that the dishes prepared are ‘up to the chef’, Ryo Sushi may be the perfect place for you to try.

Ryo Sushi has the most affordable omakase sets that I have ever seen, starting at $18 for a 10-course omakase meal. However, this special price is only limited to the first 18 portions daily.

If you missed the special price for the 10-course meal, not to worry as they have other value omakase meals, starting at $38 for a 15-course omakase meal.

8. The Sushi Bar


Website: https://thesushibar.com.sg/

The Sushi Bar opened its doors in Far East Plaza in 2012, and slowly expanded to two other outlets today, in Ngee Ann City and Tampines 1.

The Sushi Bar menu includes sushi such as Tako Sushi, Tobiko Sushi, and Tamago Sushi at $2.20 each, Salmon Sushi and Maguro Sushi selling for $2.50 each, and Aburi Sake Sushi selling for $2.90 each.

They tend to run promotions so you may check their website for awesome deals!

9. Koji Sushi Bar


Website: https://www.kojisushi.com.sg/

The brand, ‘Koji Sushi Bar’ took inspiration from the word ‘Koji’, an ingredient used in many Japanese dishes. Koji Sushi Bar aims to provide affordable sushi for all in an efficient manner.

I would recommend going for their sushi sets are they are more value-for-money, and you get to try different types of sushi as well.

One of their sets consists of Sea Bream Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Swordfish Sushi, Salmon Sushi, and Sweet Prawn Sushi, costing $9. If you were to buy ala-carte salmon sushi, it would cost $3.

10. En Sushi


Photo by: En Sushi

Website: https://ensushisg.com/

Typically, I observe most patrons of Japanese sushi restaurants would mainly order Tuna and Salmon Sushi. Why not step out of our comfort zones and try more variations of seafood? Who knows, we may, in turn, find new favourite sushi dishes.

The prices of their uncommon types of sushi are as follows: Hotate Sushi (Scallop) priced at $3.50, Salmon Belly Sushi at $2.50, Shimaaji Sushi (Striped Horse Mackerel) at $6.90, and Uni Sushi (Sea urchin) at $13.90.

Some of the types of seafood are more expensive such as the Uni but may be worth the try.

11. Genki Sushi


Photo by: Genki Sushi

Website: https://www.genkisushi.com.sg/

Genki Sushi is very popular, especially among youths and young adults. With delicious sushi at affordable prices, I can see why this is so.

Their Nigiri Sushi Set, which includes Salmon Sushi, Unagi Sushi, Ika Sushi, Ebi Sushi, and Tamago Sushi, costs $9.80. This special price is only available on weekdays from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, under the Genki Tea Set.

You may order through food delivery services such as GrabFood if you wish to dine in the comfort of your own home.

12. Sushiro


Photo by: Sushiro

Website: https://www.sushiroglobalholdings.com/singapore/

Sushiro has one of the largest sushi chains in Japan. After gaining much popularity in the country, Sushiro recently opened a branch at Tiong Bahru Plaza in Singapore.

Sushiro is a Kaiten Sushi type of concept, where conveyor belts facilitate the delivery of sushi to customers in the restaurant.

Sushiro boasts over 100 variations of sushi for you to choose from. The Tuna Sushi and the Ark Shell Sushi (2 pieces) goes for $2.20 and has won the hearts of many.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know the places to obtain the most affordable sushi in Singapore, you can now go on a sushi-eating spree! Personally, I am a regular patron of some of the listed places. My favourite place turns out to be Sushi Delivery, and I use their service the most often. I highly recommend them for their quality, service and incredible price.

However, with the sheer number of places to obtain sushi in Singapore, this list may not be comprehensive enough to cover all of them.

Did we miss out any sushi places?

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