10 Best Things To Make With Durian Purée

10 Best Things To Make With Durian Purée

If you are looking for creative ways to turn your durian into an interesting food item, we recommend that you can start with puréeing your durian. A durian purée is a texture-modified food when durian flesh is blended and sieved to achieve a creamy paste consistency. If you’re not into pureeing your own durian, then we sell durian purees too! 

In this article, we’ll share with you our top 10 selected delicious recipes that you can make with durian purée to give you some yummy ideas!

Disclaimer: Depending on how closely you follow the recipes, the level of taste and standards that you can achieve will vary. Images of foods are taken from their respective recipe websites.   


1. Durian Smoothie


In tropical climates, having an aromatic king of fruits drink is a real cool treat. Using durian pureé, Dessert Guru has crafted a recipe that combines ingredients such as milk and vanilla ice cream that blends in smoothly in minutes. For busy work individuals, this recipe is definitely the top of our list due to its great taste and efficiency.


Crafted by: Dessert Guru Pte Ltd
Recipe found on:


2. Durian Cupcakes


When it comes to enjoying a taste of rich Asian durian flavour, Miss YYC who is a food lover and blogger, recommends durian cupcakes. Appetizingly made by her, we found that this durian cupcake is a tasty surprise as compared to the usual cupcakes.


Crafted by: Miss YYC

Recipe found on: https://thateconomist.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/mao-shan-wang-durian-cupcakes/


3. Durian Puffs


If you’re looking to have a cool creamy fragrance oozing onto your palette, durian puffs are a wonderful choice. Full-time stay-at-home mum has baked and tested this recipe to ensure that durian lovers can get a good hands-on on a delectable recipe. 

Crafted by:
Peng’s Kitchen

Recipe found on:



4. Durian Egg Tarts


Another durian puree recipe creation from Peng’s Kitchen on our list is none other than the delicious durian egg tarts. When baked perfectly, though the tart can be filled with moist curd-like durians, its tart shell is still crispy and aromatic. A recipe work your hands on!

Crafted by: Peng’s Kitchen

Recipe found on:  http://pengskitchen.blogspot.com/2016/08/msw-durian-egg-tarts.html


5. Durian Chiffon Cake


Recommended by blogger Joyce from Eat What Tonight, the Durian Chiffon Cake is a light, soft and fluffy cake. Once eaten, it delivers a lovely fragrant durian aroma as one starts chewing away. It’s definitely a delightful twist from other usual chiffon cakes, designed especially for durian lovers.

Crafted by:
Eat What Tonight

Recipe found on:  



6. Durian Lapis


The durian lapis is a cake with multiple layers intertwined to deliver sweet savoury flavours that will activate a durian fanatic senses to consume it whole. It is no wonder that Janice Leck from The Fussy Palate is willing to bake this and introduce to durian hungry enthusiasts.


Crafted by: The Fussy Palate

Recipe found on:  



7. Durian Pudding


If you’re up for a rich smooth durian curd-like texture, then we’ll commend that the durian pudding should be on your bucket list. The Durian Pudding is another dessert anyone would not want to miss! Baking TaiTai has it all to thoroughly create this recipe for durian lovers’ enjoyment.

Crafted by: Baking TaiTai

Recipe found on:  



8. Durian Ice Cream


With tropical hotness around, the durian ice cream can help you conquer the warmth. Just simply place one cool aromatic spoonful and you’re sure to be addicted to taste another mouthful. Whisk N Fold offers a durian ice cream recipe that you should try!

Crafted by: Whisk N Fold

Recipe found on:  



9. Durian Crispy Roll


For durian lovers with no urge for baking, the crispy durian roll is a perfect recipe for you. Forget about the hot oven processes and simply wrap a thin and crispy crust around the durian pureé to have your dessert. Blogger and durian craver, Foodie Baker, has this recipe covered for you!   


Crafted by: Foodie Baker

Recipe found on:  



10. Durian Cheesecake


Any durian lovers with an appetite for cheese would definitely make a beeline for this dessert. With its pungent durian smells, this cake together with its fresh cheese, provides the impeccable taste with the right blend of sweetness and saltiness.  This is indeed another great durian purée food composition from Foodie Baker.

Crafted by: Foodie Baker

Recipe found on:  

That’s all for now! We love durian related produts as much as you, so let us know if you have a special creation to feature. Enjoy!

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