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Location: Block 117 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-142, Singapore 380117 Phone: +65 9060 0798 Email: Facebook: Instagram: @durianprinceexpress Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Sunday – Thursday), 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM (Friday – Saturday) The Durian prince is a relatively new durian stall in Aljunied that began work in 2016. Despite their relative newness to the business, the guys at Durian Prince are not green. In fact, they seem to have truckloads of experience especially in sourcing good quality durians. They are committed to bringing the best durians to their customers at home or any other place of choice. The durians are sourced daily from Tangkak and Pahang to ensure that customers only have the freshest durians. Because of their good quality and commitment to fast delivery, they often get sold out on daily stock. Potential customers are advised to pre-order or make early reservations especially for the more popular MSWs in order to avoid disappointment. One should definitely try out their MSW black gold when in season. The flesh is thick and custardy, the seeds are flat and small and have that bittersweet unique taste that only a high-quality durian can give.


  • Technology Friendly
While most durian stores are archaic in their way of operation, Durian prince operates a very much modern business model. Daily price updates are posted on their Facebook page so that customers are aware of the going rate and availability of their favoured durian cultivar. One can also make enquiries on any question via their Facebook, e-mail or WhatsApp. They are typically very responsive and should get back to you in no time.
  • Promos and Special Offers
Durian price publishes several promos and special offers for its loyal fanbase via its Facebook page. The promos vary in reward and system of implementation with some involving free meals, drinks and even free delivery. There are also bidding competitions where you can bid to buy your favourite durian at a very much reduced rate than other stores offer.
  • Delivery Service
The delivery service at Durian prince is one of the best in Singapore. It is run by a subsidiary dedicated wholly to delivering their wonderful durians to the customers. There are three styles of packaging for delivery to customers:
  • Unopened in husk
  • Opened in husk and tied with rubber bands
  • Opened and packed in Styrofoam boxes.
Their delivery style and time is often commended by customers as being one of the most efficient among durian sellers. Delivery information
  • Delivery is free for orders above $128
  • A delivery fee of $12 is charged on orders below $128
  • For same day delivery, orders must be placed before 6pm
  • Delivery is between 8pm – 11pm every day
  • If you are ordering delivery for a party, please make sure to give notice at least one week earlier
Price Information. Pahang Highland Black gold AAA: $20/Kg Pahang MSW: $17/Kg Johor WZW: $15/Kg Johor MSW: $12/Kg Black Pearl: $10/Kg D24: $10/Kg D13/Ganghai: 3 for $20 D13: $5/$10 each  

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