Sin Durian



LOCATION: 113 Aljunied Ave 2 #01 -15 Singapore 380113

PHONE NO: +65 8247 8111

BUSINESS HOURS: 9 AM – 10:30 PM Daily

Sin Durian is no just another durian stall in the Aljunied area, it is actually highly recommended by customers that frequent the axis. They usually highly recommended because of their top-grade durians.

The durians served at Sin durian are in very high demand with large crowds frequently gathering outside the stall during the weekend just to get some tasty durian. Many of their customers who have tried out several other durians stores believe that they are the best.

Sin Durian offers great quality and also value for money. They have some of the cheapest durians on the market, often setting the pace for other stores to follow.  Some of the durians that can be often found at the stall are D24, Mao Shan Wang, King of Kings, Golden Phoenix, D100 and S17 among others.

Due to the high demand for Sin Durian’s durians especially the popular ones, it is advisable for  customers to make reservations so as to avoid the disappointment of missing out on their favorite durian.


  • Dine In/ Delivery Services

Enjoying a durian should be something you can do anywhere and that is what the folks at Sin Durian believe. They offer dine-in services for their customers who just need a place to eat and relax. There are enough chairs and tables provided to even host a small durian party for friends and family.

If your preference is for a delivery to your home, Sin durian equally has you covered. You can get durians delivered to you either with the husks still on or just the meats in air-tight Styrofoam packs. You will have to place your orders either via a phone call or a WhatsApp text to their number.

Store pickup option is also available if you prefer just stopping over to pick up your durians and heading elsewhere to enjoy them.

  • Wide Variety of durians

Durians come in various cultivars and it is only necessary that durian fanatics have access to as many as possible. This is something that Sin Durian tries to achieve with its extensive repertoire of fruits. Whether you want the Mao Shan Wang, the pale water-textured Jing Feng or the creamy, bitter tasting D24s, Sin Durian has you covered.

Other cultivars that can commonly be found at Sin Durian’s are Black Gold, D13, Black Pearl, Small Phoenix, D101 and Johor red prawn.

Call ahead to confirm the availability of your chosen durian cultivar before heading down to the stall because availability changes depending on the season.

Delivery Information:

  • Free delivery for purchases over $100

Price Information

Black Gold: $15/Kg

Johor Red Prawn: $15/Kg

MSW: $14/Kg

Jing Feng: $14/Kg

D13: $12/Kg

Black Pearl: $12/Kg

Small phoenix/D101/D13: $5 per durian


Please take note that the prices are not fixed and will change depending on the durian season. Also make sure to contact the vendor to confirm the availability of your favorite durian before heading down.

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