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King Fruits Durian Address : 150A Bishan Street, #01-173, Singapore 570150 Phone Number : +65 8533 0561 Whatsapp : 8186 8358 Email : Website : Facebook : Messenger : @kingfruitsg Operating Hours: 10 am – 12 am One of the durian shops found in Singapore is the King Fruits Durian. I think it’s clever to name their stall as such giving more than enough clues as to what they are really known for. Like the other stalls, they have different varieties of the fruit. The spiky fruits you can find in their stall are D24, Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix, Red Prawn, Tai Yuan, Old Tree, Hor Lor, Hei Chi, XO, Xiao Feng, Green Bamboo, and Mei Qui; all hailed from Thailand and Malaysia. Their store is located in a rather large compound where there is ample space for parking and tables and chairs for the on-the-spot feasting of durians. Regular and new customers alike crowd at their stall to buy and sample a taste of their fruits and personally rate their purchases from that of other shops. As I have mentioned, the stall is in a compound where there is a parking area. But even that wouldn’t still be enough if most, if not all, of their customers, brought their own cars. That may be the reason why some consumers have complaints about their advertised free parking space. But then again, a lot of people would still visit there to get a chance to buy the idolized fruit. Because the shop sells a lot of durians, they are able to cater to the different preferences of their buyers. Like others, the store depends on the availability of the harvested fruits. And so, the quality of the durians will be based on how they were taken care of while it was still in the propagating and fruiting stages. Hence, customers’ comments greatly depend on the condition of the fruits they have purchased. Some consumers said that King Fruits Durian have decent pricing for their merchandises and that what they bought were creamy, bittersweet, and big; thus, satisfying their cravings. Also, the crew was friendly enough and they offered free hand gloves and water. But try as they might, people can’t really impress others. The same goes for these durian sellers. Of course, they aren’t safe from customers who weren’t really satisfied with what they got. Some said that the durian meat was bland, a bit watery, and dry; thus, concluding that they were a little bit too pricey. But these are all customers’ personal remarks. You can always go have a visit at King Fruits Durian store and have a see for yourself. You can also check out their website for more details on each type of durian I mentioned at the beginning of this article. They also cater to durian buffet or parties, so you might also want to head to their official site for inquiries and deliveries.

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