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Durian Culture Address : 77 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387419 (flagship store) Phone Number : +65 6744 5232 Operating Hours: 24 hours daily Address : 1001 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534739 Phone Number : +65 8348 6181 Operating Hours: 1:00 pm to 1:00 am Retail Hotline : +65 9180 1080 Fax Number : +65 6741 7890 Email : info@durinculture.com Website : www.durianculture.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pg/durianculture/ Messenger : @durianculture Instagram : @durianculture   As with other success stories, Durian Culture is also a family business which rose from the hard-earned savings of a former lorry truck driver, Lim Chin Yong. He and his younger brother, Lim Chin Kean worked hard to make this durian enterprise prosperous. Here, they specialize in Mao Shan Wang (I think this is the most sought-after type) and D24. People who frequent these stalls are impressed and always satisfied with the quality of the fruits they serve. If for some reason the durians that they give are rather unsatisfactory, they would immediately replace it with another that is in a better condition. Patrons who are always in both areas get to visit these stalls regularly (maybe a little more than they should which goes to say that they really are into these spiky fruits) so they would, in fact, have regular staff serving them. Because of this, the crew immediately knows their regular customers’ preferences but will not stop there but rather also offer new ones in stock, if ever they have any. Durian Culture’s personnel are also helpful to new faces as well, recommending the best ones, from time to time. Naturally, both branches aren’t exempted from the consumers’ not-so-good feedback. Often times, they have complaints such as the taste of the durians are bland or dry, or that they are overall not in good quality and that it was a complete waste. But the good thing about these stalls is that whenever they receive such complaints, they compensate for another (but better) durian if they are eating at the store or give a discount the next time the customers visit and make another purchase. Another thing that may be an issue about this store (Upper Serangoon branch) is that there is no convenient parking space. Customers with transportation might have to look for space to safely park theirs in order to buy something from Durian Culture. But not to fret, there is a parking lot located nearby like a 5 to 10-minute walk from the store. It’s not that bad especially when you are really craving for that distinct aroma and taste of the fruit you have been dreaming about. So, this is another reason you should give these stores a try. They provide wholesale for durians and catering for parties and events. In addition to that, they have durian purees for people who want to make flavored shakes or juices.

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