Top 6 Durian Buffets in Singapore

Top 6 Durian Buffets in Singapore Durian season is just around the corner, and I am pretty sure that all of the durian lovers out there are already rejoicing! Now that the season is about to start, we can expect an increase in the supply of durian and a drop in its prices. For sure, you will all be celebrating this season! Well, there’s no better way to celebrate the start of the season than a durian buffet! Can you just imagine—long tables of different varieties of durian along an unlimited stock of durian-inspired desserts and dishes—what more can you ask for, right? Well, the good news is, the establishments are already getting ready for the start of the durian season, and they plan to start it with a bang by launching some of their infamous annual durian feast/ buffet promos. If you want to start the durian season in the best way possible, here are some of the information you need about the top durian buffets in Singapore. 1. Durian High Tea Buffet at Marriott Café Duration: June 1 to July 31, 2018 Schedule: Daily Adult Rates: $45 for weekdays and $48 for weekends Children Rates (5 to 12 years old): $27 for weekdays and $30 for weekends One of the most popular durian buffets in Singapore is back! This buffet is loaded with plenty of durian-inspired desserts. This year, you can expect to have a taste of their wide selection of durian cakes, puddings, cremes, and curds that are carefully crafted by their pastry team. More than that, you can also enjoy their baked durian strudel, glutinous rice with coconut cream, durian crepes, durian mocha, durian cream puffs, durian mousse cake, durian crumble cake, durian swiss rolls, durian crème Brulee, durian ice cream and durian pannacotta. If your taste buds are already overwhelmed with the intense flavor of durian, you will be happy to know that the buffet also serves a few non-durian dishes such as different kinds of seafood, salmon, maki and sashimi, Nasi Lemak, Indian cuisines, noodles, dim sum, western cuisines and a few local cuisines.   2. Durian Fiesta at Coffee Lounge (Goodwood Park Hotel) Duration: March 30 to July 22, 2018 Schedule: Lunch (12:00 PM to 2:30 PM) and (6:00 PM to 10:30 PM) Rate: $38.80 All durian lovers are waiting for the comeback of the Durian Fiesta in the Coffee Lounge at Goodwood Park Hotel. Every year, they introduce new durian creations that are specially curated by their amazing chefs. Some of the most popular durian desserts you can enjoy at the Coffee Lounge are D24 Mousse Cake, D24 Puff, D24 Crepe, D24 Ice Cream, Durian Ceramic Jar, and Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream, and the Durian Spiky Bear Cake. This year, they have added four more creations to the mix, and this includes D24 Kataifi, D24 Orange Choc-a-Bloc, D24 Coffee Glaze and D24 White Chocolate Raspberry Dome. 3. Durian Feast at Gain City Duration: July 20 to 21, 2018 Schedule: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Rates: $78.00 (Adult) and $38.00 (Children) For only two days, durian lovers can enjoy their favorite fruit and the cool breeze at the rooftop of Gain City Megastore. A sumptuous spread of the best durians in season, including the famous Mao Shan Wang, awaits the guests. In addition to the wide durian selection, a few other seasonal fruits (lychee, mangosteen, coconut, and rambutan) are made available to help you balance the intense flavors of durian. More than these fruity offerings, the feast is made more fun by the various exciting activities that are perfect for your family and friends.   4. Durian Buffet at Just Durian Rates: Please call the company for more details. What makes the durian buffet by Just Durian different is that it does not take place in their own place. Instead, they will bring the buffet to you wherever you are. The stall is known for their incredible ability to customize a durian for parties, gatherings and other corporate events. The company offers different durian varieties such as D101, King of King, XO, Green Bamboo, Mao Shan Wang, and D13. All that you have to do is to tell them the texture and taste that you want and they can pick the perfect variety for your party. On top of the high quality and fresh durians that they offer, the company also includes a few durian-inspired desserts in their buffet including durian ice cream, durian cheesecake, durian puree, durian puff, durian cake, and crepe. 5. Heritage Feast at Food Capital (Millennium Hotels and Resorts) Duration: Mainstay Buffet in the Hotel Schedule: Lunch (12:00 PM to 2:30 PM), Dinner (6:30 PM to 10:30 PM) Rates: Lunch ($62.00 to $67.66), Dinner ($76.00 to $84.00) The Heritage Feast at Food Capital is considered to be an extensive seafood buffet composed of sushi, tempura, sashimi, lobster, chili crab mantou and a few hawker classics like bak kut the and chicken rice. But their finishing touch is an unlimited supply of D13 durians, mangosteens, and a few other addictive desserts.   6. Thorny Temptations at Lime Restaurant (Parkroyal Hotel) Duration/ Schedule/ Rates: Information and details will be out soon. Check out their Facebook page and website for the details. While most buffets highlight the use of durian as a sweet dessert, this infamous buffet opens with delicately and carefully curated main dishes with durian as their main ingredient. Last year, they offered Foie Gras Torchon with Durian Powder and Torched Meringue, Durian Ravioli with Garlic Butter and Sage, Grilled Durian and Chicken in Tortilla and Butter Durian Prawns with Chilli Padi and Curry Leaves. There is still no information about their durian offerings this year, but many believe it will be equally as amazing! For sure, your tummy will be filled with the most fantastic durian desserts, filling durian dishes and the freshest durian products for the next few weeks. What are you waiting for? Head to these durian buffets now and fill your tummy with delight by binging on the most delicious durian creations!

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