Botak Kho Durian

Botak Kho Durian Address : Bukit Batok Street 11, Block 157, Avenue 6, Singapore 650157 Phone Number : +65 8156 2247 Website : Operating Hours: 1 – 10 pm daily (during durian season)   People who are living around the area may be familiar with the owner of the Botak Kho Durian. Mr. Kho, otherwise known as “Botak Kho,” hence the name, is in the durian business for several years now. And like other shops, he only opens during durian season because he wants to give good quality of durians to his regular and new customers, alike. Mr. Kho mainly sells Mao Shan Wang and Red Prawn varieties, which I think what his customers like. Another thing that consumers like about him is his honesty and good-natured personality. He gives his customers his utmost patience and is friendly to all. He also sells durian at reasonable prices, so the buyers are not only satisfied with their durian but also they get their money’s worth. People are rather fond of Mr. Kho because he is a kind of person who takes note of what kind of preferences his regular customers have. But it doesn’t stop him from offering other varieties which is probably his way of introducing his sales if he has something new in his merchandise. His stall somehow gained a humble fame not due from the media, as he is a shy person who doesn’t really like to be advertised like how others have, but mostly from word-of-mouth. His regular customers can attest to his good personality and his durians’ reliable reputation. So far, Mr. Kho hasn’t disappointed his customers yet (and I hope he never does) and always maintained good rapport with his new ones, as well. So, fellow durian enthusiasts, don’t miss an opportunity to try a taste of his quality durians and get to meet a man, famous in his own way.

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