211 House of Durian

211 House of Durian Location: Block 211 Lor 8 Toa Payoh # 01 – 21, Toa Payoh, Singapore 310211 Phone: +65 9108 3710 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/211houseofdurian/ E-mail: 211houseofdurian@gmail.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/211HouseOfDurian/ Business Hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (daily) The 211 House of Durian stall has maintained a reputation as one of the top durian sellers in Toa Payoh. In fact, some people even rank it as the best in the area. Mr Oui, the boss started this durian stall out of his sheer love for durians. They have been in business for quite some time now and receive their durians daily from Bentong! This keeps the durians served very fresh and nice for consumption. Previously known as Sin Yee Wang Durian, the stall has been running for over 5 years and are still fully in business. Affordability is key at 211 House of durian, here you can get the best of durians without burning a hole in your pocket. The 211 House of Durian stall offers goodies like Durian puree, Bentong MSW and Durian soft serve ice cream. These are some of their premium products and a must have if you are visiting them. Highlights
  1. Durian Delicacies
211 House of Durian is known widely for their sweet tooth durians. These durians come in fresh from Bentong. The durians offered are the Bentong MSW, Bentong black gold, durian XO, durian 13, Bentong WZW, Bentong XXO and the Bentong tekka among the rest. For very awesome prices from as low as $15/Kg, these yummy durians could be purchased. You spend less for more at House of Durian. They are also well known for their durian flavoured ice cream.
  1. Hardworking and dedicated staff
Great staff usually equals the best service. The 211 House of Durian have up to 5 staff members who are dedicated in their duty to serve customers. Many customers are very impressed about the service from the staff. They are all friendly and warm. Mr Oui, the boss is also very patient and makes sure to give top quality. The warm-hearted nature of the staff is highly commended by their customers. Service is beautiful at the 211 House of Durian. The stall offers quality, and great service to all lovers of durians. The honest and hardworking staff of 211 House of Durian ensure they give their customers the best.
  1. Eating space available
The 211 House of Durian has a fairly large stall with big enough sitting spaces for customers who would like to sit and enjoy the sumptuous taste of their durians. This is perfect for customers who prefer to dine-in than takeaway their durians. It is also a good place for friends to hangout.
  1. End of season clear-out
211 House of Durian is known for something spectacular. Towards the end of the durian season, they have a variety of mouth-watering durian buffets. This is usually done to clear out all durian stocks before the season passes. It attracts a whole lot of customers who are only thrilled to participate in the various dishes. Delivery information:
  • For party ordering/delivery, contact by call or send e-mail to sallywang2436@gmail.com
  • Delivery for durian parties is free
Price Information: Bentong Black Gold: $22/Kg Bentong WZW: $19/Kg Bentong Tekka: $17/Kg Bentong MSW: $16/Kg MSW: 14/Kg XXOD24: 10/Kg Please be informed that the prices listed are neither statutory or fixed. They can vary based on durian season. Do contact the vendors for information on current prices and what durian cultivars are available.

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