Real Reviews Of Our Durians!

Blogger Reviews

Plucked from only the oldest, most premium trees, these look really ripe and have a beautiful aroma. The flavour is decidedly rich and complex, with a hint of bittersweet. This is probably my favourite of the lot.

Catherine /

The Royal MSW was truly finger-licking good. They were more sweet than bitter, and oh so creamy.

Angie /

The RMSW we had was the richest in flavour among the three! The seed is also pretty thin with tons of flesh around it, just like the regular MSW. And because it’s delivered fresh to us, the flesh was creamy and soft too!

This has my stamp of approval as it was so rich in flavor and creamy!

It was so fleshy and has a rich, robust and sweet taste to it – Extremely satisfying! A little alcoholic aftertaste paired with creamy sweetness – LOVE!

Kless /

I tried the durians from Durian Delivery Singapore and I was quite happy with the quality of the durians.

Celine /

In the estate that I live in, it’s hard to find high-quality durians that taste as good as this.

Customer Reviews

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