A8 Penang Mao Shan Wang / Musang King (MSW), Bukit Western

Extra Creamy • Moderately Bittersweet | $30/kg


Indulge in the exclusive treat of Penang’s Mao Shan Wang / Musang King (MSW) Durian from Bukit Western. Available solely through Durian Delivery Singapore.

Penang’s Mao Shan Wang / Musang King (MSW) from Bukit Western is an amazingly flavorful durian that scores a grade of A7 on the Durian Flavour Index.

It is buttery, bittersweet & intense – flavors so that’s unique and suitable for durian lovers with a preference for the perfect balance of sweet and bitter!

Each box comes with 800g of durian meat, made from approximately 3.2 kg of husked durian. A box is perfect for 2 pax to share.

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