AT, service is more than just a catchphrase

Introducing our Customer Happiness Department – A department dedicated to making all our customers happy.


At Durian Delivery Singapore, our customers come first. We’re the first and only durian seller to have a dedicated customer happiness department to help serve you better.

Whether you have an issue with your order, or simply want a person to chat with, we’ll be more than happy to have you!

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What do our Customer Happiness Officers do? 

  1. Every order placed with us will be assigned a dedicated Customer Happiness Officer. This means that you will always have someone to get in touch with for your order.
  2. Enquiries and Questions – Our Customer Happiness Officer are here to help you with any and all questions you might have. 
  3. Order Management – You will be able to contact your Customer Happiness Officer to help you with anything to do with your order.
  4. Problems with Durian – We stand by our Bao Chi (Quality Guaranteed) Policy. If you face any problems with your durian, whether they are dry, watery or otherwise, simply contact your dedicated Customer Happiness Officer for it to be resolved.