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11 Best Durians Puffs in Singapore

If you are a true “golden” lover of the king of fruits, then you are also someone who probably likes having desserts and other dishes with durian as the main ingredient. Cafés and restaurants all over Singapore have made their own concoctions and signature dishes with durian as the main star ingredient, showcasing how this […]

Thai Durians – The Rise of Thai Durians and How to Prevent Getting Cheated

What are Thai Durians? When we talk about Thai Durians, we are referring to the varieties of durians that come from Thailand. There are many, many different types of durians from Thailand (As many as 234) That even we do not know much about. The most common variety of Thai Durian sold in Singapore would […]

Can Dogs Eat Durians?


Can dogs eat durians? Dogs are exotic breeds and are choosy eaters whether knowingly or anatomically. Their somewhat elevated, peculiar nature bars them from partaking from every delicacy nature serves. One of these delicacies might and might not be the durian fruit. It is not especially advisable to feed dogs with durians especially dogs with […]